About Martyn Brown

Internet & Viral Marketing Consultant

Martyn GMC

Martyn Brown is a publisher, marketing specialist, Internet and viral marketing expert.

Being the editor and publisher of the longest running Internet marketing magazine in Europe and also publishing successful local community magazines for over ten years has brought a wealth of experience for Martyn Brown to pass on to his clients.

Specialising in local businesses and getting them online has proven to be a valuable resource for many companies who have often paid large amounts to bigger companies who simply cannot respond quick enough to the ever-changing (business) requirements of the Internet.

As Martyn Brown has worked with Internet websites since 1994 and before that with online text-based systems, he knows how they work and how to get a successful campaign working for his customer base.

Martyn Brown works with the very top marketers in the UK and beyond where any changes to search engine algorithms is noted and acted on within hours.  Nobody is more responsive than the people in Martyn Brown’s group of entrepreneurial members.

Martyn runs one of the busiest Internet forums in the UK, publishes magazines online and offline and writes articles for a number of national and international publications.

Often found giving a presentation to local company directors or talking with advertising customers, Martyn is always busy helping others.

From his award winning Community Times magazine to the local Viva! QR Magazine, he is a very popular editor and marketing advisor.

A number of Martyn’s clients have gone on to earn millions of pounds or dollars by using his advice, techniques and strategies.

Specialising in Digital Marketing including email marketing, PayPerClick services, video promotions, local magazines, Customer Loyalty Programmes, Live webinars, seminars and workshops, online marketing campaign funnels and more, Martyn Brown has become the ‘go-to’ person for many who would like to make a success of giving their business a very positive Internet presence.

It may sound like Martyn is a ‘jack of all trades’ but, with Internet marketing, this has proven to be a case of where one online strategy fades into the next and so, having everything you need in one place works out much more cost effective than paying separately for each task.