Social Media Bugle - New Course from Digital Bugle

What Do You Know About Social Media?

This Low-Cost Introduction To Social Media Can Make All The Difference GRAB YOUR PACKAGE – DOWNLOAD TODAY Digital Bugle have released their Social Media bundle this month by way of ‘Social Media Bugle’, which includes a main downloadable book (99 pages of solid content), a worksheet, a checklist and process map, all in one easy…
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Keeping sites secure - Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle

All Clients Upgraded to HTTPS

SSL Certificates Sound Scary BUT EVERYONE NEEDS THEM, OR ELSE! Upgrading a website to run with an SSL certificate sounded scary but, there was nothing to worry about as Marketing Bugle’s upgrade path was quick, efficient and free for all customers. Google announced that they were going to ‘insist’ that every website carried such and…
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Kindly Forcing Viewers to Click

Make your VIDEO interactive, not just the post you put next to it. Posting to Social Media is all well and good but it takes valuable time and effort in order to post something different each time and so, when you get no interaction from your posts, it can be disheartening as well as frustrating,…
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Publication For New Businesses

Improve Facebook & Mobile Reach DIGITAL BUGLE MAGAZINE – JOIN US NOW! Join in the fun with Avatars that speak to your audience and introduce sign up forms, videos, Call to Action buttons and more to your potential customers while visiting your chosen web pages and Social Media.  See page 19 for details. 5 proven…
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Streaming Live Reaches Bigger Audience

BENEFIT FROM LIVE VIDEO – EVEN WHEN IT’S NOT Using Facebook’s Live Video system gets your message out to maximum audience With profits up by 78%, Facebook seem to have cornered the advertising market. Why? Because it works for end-users. But, if you would like to reach more people on your ‘ordinary’ posts, then it’s…
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New Websites Using New Software

Businesses Benefit From New Website Building Software Adding Content Has Never Been Easier Done-For-You-Internet, Dog Tails Home Boarding, Hospital Radio News and others have benefited by jumping on board the Marketing Bugle website building software. The websites are built for their business while changing things around and adding content has become easier than ever before…
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