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My client testimonials say it for me but, put simply, if you're in business and want to succeed online, I can show you how.  Book for a telephone, Zoom or One to one consultation and let's talk

from an industry veteran

Blog Posts by Martyn Brown

Travis Ketchum Interview | Feat. Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle Podcast

Travis Ketchum – One of the Heavyweights of the Online Space

Travis Ketchum Interview (click link on page 16 for Spotify broadcast) Interview transcript: Martyn Brown: This time, we’re chatted with another heavyweight in the online space. For the past decade, Travis Ketchum has been the CEO of Campaign Refinery and Contest Domination, helping tens of thousands of businesses build bigger email lists filled with qualified…

Brett Ridgway - Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle Podcast Ep. 62

Brett Ridgway – Fulfiller of Physical Products

Podcast Feat. Interview with Brett Ridgway Inside [page 16] Transcript of Podcast: Martyn Brown:         This time, we’re chatting with someone who is not just a marketer in his own right but someone who offers a truly valuable service to marketers big and small. When it comes to the world of physical products and fulfilment of…

audio-interview Jeremy Gislason

Jeremy Gislason | Online Marketer’s Friend

This time, we’re chatting with someone who’s made and continues to make a real impact in the world of online marketing. He’s one half of the duo behind Promote Labs, who have developed products such as ProductDyno Feedback Fox and Post Gopher, alongside hundreds, if not thousands, of other information products and websites and so…

Wayne Crowe - Podcast w Martyn Brown

Wayne Crowe Invests £25, Now Look

This time we’re talking with a U.K. based online marketing expert, Wayne Crowe. Wayne started his business around about 18 years ago from his bedroom, with just a £25 investment, and has now carried that through to making more than £150,000 per month. He’s also the mastermind behind courses such as Traffic Domination, 30 Day…

The Bugle - Issue 89

Social Media Trends, Choosing Your Budget + More

Choosing an Effective Marketing Budget In order for any business to thrive, you need customers. But customers don’t magically flock to your business just because your open sign is lit up. You need to reach the people that are interested in what you offer… And marketing is how you accomplish that. Every business must decide…

audio-interview Paul O'Mahony

FUNancial Freedom and The ReThink Academy Creator, Paul O’Mahony

Martyn Brown’s Marketing Bugle Podcast – Episode 58 Join Groove Digital – Your Online Marketing Control (ALL In One Place) Transcript of audio interview with Martyn Brown and Paul O’Mahony Editor: I’m excited today because this time around, we’re chatting with a best selling author and speaker. He’s also the founder of FUNancial Freedom and…

Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle Podcast feat. Kelly Cole

From Walmart and Blockbuster Attendant To Millionaire

Mr. Kelly Cole is a two times number one best selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He went from working at Walmart and Blockbuster to owning one of the fastest-growing book publishing companies in the US. Martyn Brown chats to the man known as ‘The Publisher’ Kelly Cole Interview – Transcript Below Editor: I’m really pleased…

Vinyl Impressions Music Radio Show

Home-Made ‘Vinyl Impressions’Radio Shows Super-Success

From a tiny studio in my home, I create one hour long pop music radio shows which I call The Vinyl Impressions. The Vinyl Impressions was an idea for a show that came from performing live radio shows back in the late 1990s and early 2000s and where I made the programmes available to hospital…

The Bugle - Issue 85

Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet

Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet Article from The Bugle – Issue 85 The online world is full of competition that can drown out your marketing campaigns with nothing more than a strategically placed cute cat meme. To ensure your messaging rises above the rest, you need to integrate every single technique and customer…

Bounce Back from Sales Slump

Bouncing Back From A Sales Slump

Bad news… There really is no way to avoid a future sales slump. Whether you run a seasonal lobster shack off the coast of Maine or a year-round surf & turf restaurant in Hawaii, you are bound to experience a short period when your bottom line fluctuates.     Sales slumps can happen because of new…

Auto Funnels from Marketing Bugle

Auto Sales Funnels & email Marketing

I will soon be introducing sales funnels into client WordPress websites that require them. They are linked to a CRM (Customer Relations Manager system) that can be triggered  with any chosen interaction from the user. This results in more accurate, relationship building, emails going out based on the recipient’s actions throughout the funnel. ANY step…

Client Portals from Marketing Bugle

Client Portals Are Launched

The new Marketing Bugle ‘Client-Portal’ is on the way! It beats email by keeping a project all together in one place instead of scattered all around the inbox. Now those log-in credentials that are lost on your computer somewhere can be found neatly inside your very own portal at any time. Communication is now direct…

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools For 2022

Top Content Marketing Tools | Transcription As a small business, it can be hard to designate time and energy to creating content for your audience. But the fact is, one of the best ways to raise awareness about your business and grow your customer base is through content marketing. The good news is you don’t…

Audio Interval Charles T. Harper - Episode 55

Charles T. Harper Creator of The PLR Show

This episode I am chatting with a former commercial banker, who decided to leave the corporate world behind to become a full-time internet entrepreneur. In 2015, he started a company which has become something of a calling card in its own right. And ever since, The PLR Show has created rebrandable marketing training and technical…

Issue 82 - Digital Bugle

Complimentary Issue | Digital Bugle (pdf)

Here is your free issue of Digital Bugle which includes one of our top marketing podcasts within. You can subscribe to get even more issues delivered to your email inbox. If you haven’t subscribed above, you can do so by clicking the button below to gain your complimentary subscription. Please fill in the quick-form and…

issue125-audio-interview Anthony McCarthy

Ireland’s Most Respected Marketer – Anthony McCarthy

Anthony McCarthy is of Ireland’s most respected marketers. Anthony has over three decades of sales and marketing experience and has a no-nonsense approach to using the Internet. For the last decade, he has been marketing online full-time. And in that time, he has been in demand to speak globally, has become an Amazon Best Seller,…

issue124-audio-interview with Armand Morin

Amazing $200 Million In Sales | Armand Morin Interview

I’m excited on this episode because I’ll be chatting with a very special guest, someone who’s become something of a figurehead in the world of online marketing. He’s written books, he’s been a keynote speaker at countless conventions and, above all, is a great guy who practices what he preaches. Today I welcome, Armand Morin.…

Issue123-audio-interview Tom Beal

Tom Beal – The Mentor’s Mentor

Transcript of Podcast – Tom Beal Interview Martyn Brown: I’m excited this time around because we’re chatting with a guy who really has made a name for himself in the world of online marketing. He’s worked alongside some of the industry heavyweights over the years, and these days he’s known as the mentor’s mentor. So…

Coaching Sessions

Create and Deliver Free Coaching Sessions That Result In New Clients

I realise that some people viewing are coaches or certainly would like to be and so this video shows you a proven strategy that will take you from running a ‘freebie’ to earning money from higher ticket items rather than your basic $27 ebook. Being able to charge higher fees makes all the difference and,…

Laura Casselman CEO JVZoo

Laura Casselman CEO JVZoo

Click ‘Play’ Below To Listen To Podcast feat. Laura Casselman from JVZoo Transcription – Laura Casselman Interview Editor:                                   This time, we’re going to be doing a deep dive with someone who heads up one of America’s fastest growing software as a service or SaaS companies. Laura Casselman is a name you may recognise, as she’s…

Alicia Lyttle - issue120-audio-interview

Alicia Lyttle Interview

Transcription of Alicia Lyttle Interview Martyn Brown:                  This time, we’re chatting with a highly sought-after speaker and coach who is best known for helping people to start their own online business. In fact, she’s now trained thousands of people around the world during her 20 years as an online entrepreneur. Alicia Lyttle is also the…

Digital Bugle 078 - Front Subscribe Free

Marketing Advice On Us – Every Month!

Upgrade to PREMIUM Digital Bugle Magazine Here Marketing Bugle is the leading small business marketing service in the online arena and has been for over 20 years. We help small businesses connect with more customers online. If you want to build your business, you need to market, it’s that simple. But you can lose thousands…

Omar Martin Interview 2021

Omar Martin Tells About How Events Of September 11th, 2001 Changed His Life

Editor:                                   If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to make a huge career change in order to make it big in online marketing, then you are going to love this. Omar Martin has an amazing story to tell, about how the events of September 11th, 2001 made him reassess his priorities in life. Now, on…

From Factory Worker To Leading Online Expert

This time we’re chatting with an entrepreneur who’s an ex factory worker. He left all that behind to become one of the UK’s leading online experts. He’s also one of the most down to earth entrepreneurs that you’re ever likely to meet. He originally hails from the Northeast of England. So John Thornhill is a…

Clubhouse Cheatsheet

All The Information About Clubhouse Ready For You! Amazon.com | Ebay.com | AliExpress.com   Clickbank | Udemy | Clicksure   JVZoo   Create a curation site with a lot of Clubhouse articles, videos, tips and tricks and monetize it with ads or Clubhouse stuff. Create a FB Page or Group, call in as many people as you can and share articles, videos and curiosities to keep…

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I'm Your Missing Key

Most businesses find it a huge struggle to get anything they do online, noticed.

The missing key to success is hard to discover when you’re too involved in trying to market your business and run it at the same time.

Leaving your online strategy to Marketing Bugle is the secret key to unlock your business’ full potential.  Speak to Martyn Brown about what you would like to achieve and he’ll let you know how it’s possible.

I Build Communities

By far the most used strategy is building lists of potential clients, keeping in touch with them and then, once a relationship and trust has been built up, marketing to those on your email subscriber list. 

This 'community' of people is where your biggest pofits can come from. 

Book a consultation for an explanation of how this can work for your business.

My Strategy Works

Goes That Extra Mile!  "Martyn is an absolute gem. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his subject, he keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in the fast-moving world of internet marketing. He loves what he does and goes the extra mile to satisfy his clients. What's more he's extremely likeable. I would not want to be without such an amazing resource. He comes highly recommended. Get him while you can!"


Vanessa U.  Parkstone, Dorset

Expert IT Background!  "Martyn has been a great asset with any new business ventures which we have undertaken over the past year, not only within the magazine but also combining any advertising we do with his expert IT background and using the internet in an effective way."


Paula D.  Dorset UK

So Refreshing!  "You simply don't get this One to One type servcie nowadays.  We were kept up to date about what is happening at all times and the team from Bugle were there when we needed them.  Marketing Bugle really do genuinely care about each and every client"


Yvonne A. London UK

Don't Hesitate To Contact Me

Booking a complimentary consultation is well worth the time.  I can find out exactly what you're looking to achieve for your onoline business presence and can advise on a postive way forward. 

The consultation can be via telephone, Skype/Zoom or we can work on a One to one basis.

Things People Ask Me

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding the online services provided by
Martyn Brown at Marketing Bugle

What exactly can you do for my business?

I take on board businesses that may already be successful online but move them up to the next level.

Some businesses are already online but not doing as well as they feel their competitors are doing.

New businesses that are operating offline want to get started online at the quickest possible rate and where this is where I can help in a big way.

Larger businesses, like pub/restaurants, for example, run online promotions continuously all year round and rely on the unique Marketing Bugle customer loyalty programme that is run on their behalf.  This keeps customers coming back, over and over again.

It doesn’t matter which niche you are involved in, we have a strategy and the specially developed software in place to get your message out to your target audience. 

Naturally, we bulid Sales Funnels, Landing Pages and complete websites to go along with the marketing promotions.

Can you advertise our services online on our behalf?

Marketing Bugle specialise in Social Media marketing, especially Facebook Ads.  We also produce whiteboard video scribe promo videos as and when needed.  We build complete Sales Funnels that are very successful as they use our bespoke specialist software designed exclusively for our use.

Do you host our websites or do you use third party web hosting?

We have over 100 websites on third party hosting, however, Marketing Bugle have launched their own web hosting service (in December 2016) which runs on SSD drives, rather than conventinal hard disk drives.  This means fast running websites that we are fully in control of.  We back up your entire website (not just the database ... watch out for that trap), update the security the second an update becomes available and manage our websites 24/7.

Usually, from ordinary web hosting companies, your site is Shared-Hosting which puts your site on a server with 100s or even 1000s of other people's sites.  This is bad for SEO,  your IP address is Shared by them all, your site can be affected by other site's usage and malware attacks and a number of other negative attributes.

Marketing Bugle run the most secure and fastest hosting available exclusively for their own personal clients.


from an industry veteran