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My client testimonials say it for me (see below) but, put simply, if you’re in business and want to succeed online, I can show you how.

Book a telephone, Zoom or One to one consultation and let’s talk


The Care Plans That Really DO Care

I look after clients on a one-to-one basis so I get to know you and your business and you get to know me

Enhanced Performance

Take your online business to the next level with our expertise and tools, whether you're a successful business seeking improved performance or a new venture aiming for a rapid online launch.

Bridge the Gap

Even if you feel your competitors are outperforming you, we can help you bridge the gap. Our comprehensive strategies and specially developed software ensure your message reaches your target audience, regardless of your niche.

Tailored Marketing Services

From building sales funnels and landing pages to creating complete websites, we provide a range of services tailored to your marketing promotions. Our expertise in social media marketing, with a focus on Facebook Ads, ensures effective campaigns. Additionally, we offer video scribe promo videos to enhance your marketing efforts.

It's Not Just About Sales Funnels

You can have the best looking sales funnel but in order to get it converting, you'll benefit from our strategies

Bespoke Sales Funnels

Our success lies in building comprehensive sales funnels powered by our bespoke software, exclusively designed for our clients. This ensures that your marketing messages are delivered efficiently, maximizing conversions and customer engagement.

Fixed Monthly Care-Plans

Streamline your experience and eliminate surprise invoices with our fixed monthly Care-Plans. These plans cater to your overall requirements, providing a consistent and affordable online presence for your business. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your marketing needs are covered without any unexpected costs.

Cost-Effective Hosting Services

Achieve consistency in the online world with our cost-effective hosting services. Benefit from our web hosting service powered by SSD drives for unparalleled website speed and control. We prioritize website security by regularly backing up your entire website and promptly updating security measures. Our dedicated team manages websites around the clock, ensuring your website is secure and reliable.

Podcasting? We Have Everything You Need

One of the best ways to grow your list of potential customers is to run your own podcast. We show you how and why

Podcast For Your Business

Are you starting a podcast or struggling with your current programme? Let me help you launch your podcast and keep it running (see Podcaster's Voice for more details).


You're not just a number ... A one-to-one consultation over Zoom can be so useful to chat about your ideas and goals. Book an appointment with me, Martyn Brown, and let's put some of your ideas into action.

Email Marketing Expertise

Email marketing campaigns are a specialty of mine and where your marketing sequences will become high converting as you build a relationship with YOUR clients and so, when they are ready to buy, they buy from you, again and again.

Contact Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle today to take advantage of these benefits and elevate your online business to new heights.



Goes That Extra Mile!

“Martyn is an absolute gem. Extremely knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about his subject, he keeps up-to-date with the latest trends in the fast-moving world of internet marketing. He loves what he does and goes the extra mile to satisfy his clients. What’s more, he’s extremely likeable. I would not want to be without such an amazing resource. He comes highly recommended. Get him while you can!”

Vanessa Ugatti – The True Worth Expert

Expert IT Background!

“Martyn has been a great asset with any new business ventures which we have undertaken over the past year, not only within the magazine but also combining any advertising we do with his expert IT background and using the internet in an effective way.

Paula Dack, Business Owner

So Refreshing!

You simply don’t get this One to One type of service nowadays. We were kept up to date about what is happening at all times and the team from Marketing Bugle were there when we needed them. Martyn Brown’s Marketing Bugle really do genuinely care about each and every client”

Yvonne A. London Business Owner

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