Youtube Marketing Becomes Fun Again

I always enjoy it when one of my programmes proves to work well for any business.  But, every now and again, I add a new programme to one that already exists to make it totally unique from what others are able to do and which, evidently, doubles the power of the App.

In my most recent case, I added Youtube Live-Stream video to a programme that creates Youtube playlists for higher and faster rankings.  It worked like a dream from day one which was fantastic.

There are certain things that any business needs to have in place when dealing with promoting on Youtube and the latter programme covers this nicely, while the Live-Stream programme creates videos and then streams them either right away or can be scheduled to do so.

As they are 'keyword rich' for local areas, they perform well.

Live-Stream Video, working wonders for local business
No1 Vid in 27 mins using Marketing Bugle's YT Bugle Progamme

Live-Stream Video, working wonders for local business

The 'newer' algorithm form from the likes of Bing and Yahoo aren't focusing so much on actual keywords but, rather on content quality overall and the interaction with that content.  However, Google aren't so hot on this just yet so keywords remain very important.  One day, though, for sure, the clever algorithms will be intelligent enough to work out the standard of videos and related content which they can then rank you for (or not).

As always, I test the programmes that I offer to clients and our latest 2018 Youtube programmes are performing very well.  You can read about the way I ranked a video to the top of page one for its keyword in just 27 minutes on the main Marketing Bugle website.  Results like these are very common with Marketing Bugle services, I'm pleased to say.

Do contact me if you would like to get involved with the above.  It's fun and fascinating watching your videos perform as Playlists are build and Live-Stream videos are injected into them.

I call the service YT Bugle.  Join in if you can.