What Do You Know About Social Media?

This Low-Cost Introduction To Social Media Can Make All The Difference


Digital Bugle have released their Social Media bundle this month by way of 'Social Media Bugle', which includes a main downloadable book (99 pages of solid content), a worksheet, a checklist and process map, all in one easy to read collection.


The main book includes:

Module 01: Introduction
Both traditional media and social media are discussed, along with the primary reason why marketers and businesses fail.

Module 02: Before You Begin
Things to know before you start as well as the right way to get started and the mistakes to avoid.

Module 03: Setting Goals
Every marketing strategy needs a clear set of goals, and this is where you'll be introduced to the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting system.

Module 04: Putting Your Plan Into Action
This module covers how to build a solid infrastructure for your business before you launch into the social media world.

Module 05: Platform Integration
Discover how to connect your social media sites together quickly and easily. Consider it your own social media sales funnel that will attract prospects and subscribers and help you grow your business by leaps and bounds.

Module 06: Launching Your Social Media Presence
Now that you've done all the preliminary work, it's time to launch. This module shows you how to start building relationships effortlessly.

Module 07: Example Beginning Strategy
Try out this example strategy as a first time marketer in the social media world.

Module 08: Analysing Social Media Data
This is a crucial step in the social media marketing process. It can make a world of difference to your success.

Module 09: Maintaining Your Social Media Presence
Social media is like a living, breathing entity that continuously evolves. This module reveals how to tweak when needed and remain up-to-date with technology.

Module 10: Have Fun With It
Social media is the ultimate platform that lets you be heard by friends, acquaintances, friends from the past, and business prospects. It makes it very easy to share things in your life that stir the emotions.

...And That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

Social Media Bugle! gives you a thorough understanding of social media marketing. You will come away knowing the available platforms, and the advantages of using each in your business. Your skill sets will improve, your brand will grow and your credibility will increase... with higher profits the end result.


Bugle's Social Media Package
Social Media Bugle - New Course from Digital Bugle
Social Media Bugle - New Course from Digital Bugle