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Surveys Getting Results

I have several clients using my Online Surveys at the moment and where they have been getting very positive results … twofold in fact.

Firstly, they are using them for creating a Prize Draw to win a valuable prize giving free entry once the survey has been completed, in return for the respondent’s email address and name and, secondly, the answers that they give are very useful for future products and services that my clients may be thinking about creating.

Asking the right questions while keeping the survey short is the secret to prevent abandoned replies.  For potential customer leads, four or five questions is ideal, while for existing customers who won’t mind giving it more time, as many as twenty questions can be asked  in any given niche.

I encourage clients to have a freeform field to allow the respondent to make a comment or ask a burning question on their subject as this provides information that they may not have thought of.

I’m also finding that Autoresponder services like Get Response have very useable survey software built in to their systems which integrate perfectly with email lists and campaign funnels.  These are going to be the future of email marketing, I can tell that already.

The next time you run a campaign, try integrating a short survey and see if it can improve your sign ups.

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