Should You Promote ClickBank Products without a Website?

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“Should You Promote ClickBank Products without a Website?…”

“This question has been asked over and over by thousands of newbies over the past 2 decades….”

This question has been asked over and over by thousands of newbies over the past 2 decades. Do you really need a website to be a successful ClickBank affiliate?Before answering this question, let’s see why beginners ask it?* The reason whyIt all boils down to one thing and one thing only – laziness and/or a lack of knowledge. Period.Any affiliate who thinks of promoting ClickBank products without a website of his/her own is usually unaware of what’s at stake. They’re either inexperienced and don’t really know how to build their own website… or they’re indolent and wish to make quick money without the hassle.The truth of the matter is that being a ClickBank affiliate is NOT something beginners should start off with, if they’re unwilling to learn the ropes and do the needful. Contrary to what the plethora of ‘make money online’ courses tell you, being a ClickBank affiliate is NOT a walk in the park.It’s easy to sign up and become an affiliate and get your link… but the ease ends there. Everything else is an uphill process.* But can I make money without a website?The answer is yes, you can. Creating videos and posting them on YouTube with a direct link to the ClickBank product might get you the occasional sale or two. The more videos you have, the more sales you’ll make – simply because it’s a numbers game and your chances are higher.If you’re on a very tight budget and you don’t wish to pay for a domain, hosting and an autoresponder, using free traffic methods such as YouTube, Facebook groups and Pinterest can get you sales.Sometimes, you may wish to test the viability of a new product you’re trying to promote. You’re not sure how well the sales page will convert. At times like these, you may choose to pay an Instagram influencer to do a shout out on their page and use your direct affiliate link. If you make several sales, you’ll know that the product converts and may decide to build a site.The common denominator here is that without a website, you’ll always be direct linking to the sales page of the product… and this raises a few problems…* You’re leaving money on the tableSending visitors directly to the sales page will get you a couple of sales, but you’ll be losing the opportunity to remarket to the visitors who decide not to buy. The hard truth is that most of the visitors will not want to buy the product you’re promoting.They may not have enough information to make an informed decision. There are trust issues and people generally need to see the same offer several times before they’ll reach for their credit card.When you have a website, you’ll be able to build a landing page. After that, it’s just a matter of pointing all your links in your videos, etc. to this landing page which will offer a freemium to tempt people to sign up.Your gift should be congruent with the product you’re promoting. For example, if you’re trying to sell a gardening book, your giveaway product might be a short report on how to create compost. People interested in gardening will gladly sign up to your list to get the freebie.* Trust is crucialOnce they’re on your list, you can build trust by delivering value to them via emails. This is imperative to succeeding with ClickBank. With a website, you can build an audience of people interested in the niche.Your blog posts, etc. will help to educate, entertain and help the people in the niche. The goal is to always deliver value FIRST. Then when you’ve won them over, you’ll be able to promote the ClickBank product and they’ll trust your recommendation and buy from you.No websites = no list + no value + no trust = LITTLE or NO SALES. Period.* Serves as a contingency planThe products on ClickBank come and go. Products that are popular today may suddenly be taken off the platform for flouting a rule or the vendor may suddenly decide to take the product off the market.With a website, you’ll be able to use the Pretty Links plugin to create URLs that are not specific to a particular product. If the product is no longer for sale, you can find an alternative and just change the Pretty Links link and all your URLs will point to the new product.You’ll understand the power of this once you have your own website.* You have more optionsA website will allow you to promote tangible products on Amazon, or you may even decide to sell your own products. Your chances of making sales will skyrocket when there are more options for readers.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Having a website will increase your opportunities to boost your income.To sum things up, you can promote ClickBank products without a website – but you really shouldn’t. It may take you slightly longer to build a site and incorporate the list building elements, etc..However, once the site is done, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of making sales and your ClickBank commissions will soar. Going the extra mile will put you ahead of the competition and make you a serious player in this business.

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