Podcast for Senior Citizens

As mentioned in a previous post, you're never too old to start a business online.

This post features podcasts that explain in more detail about how to go about running your own business when you're a senior citizen.

More podcasts for senior citizens will follow.

Amazon S3 can sound complicated and, indeed, you can perform complex tasks upon it.

However, for hosting your videos, audios, images and other files, it is cheap, fast and secure.
Using Amazon S3 for this purpose is easy to set up and where linking to your files from your website means that videos don't buffer or jitter, images load super-fast and files can be downloaded securely.

Episode 06 above, a part of our Seniors Online series explains more.

Episode 07 in our Seniors Online series explains why you should always have a website.

Yes, in some rare cases, you may get away without having one but, as most marketing tools can integrate perfectly with platforms like WordPress, it's best to invest in one.

Also, you are in control of your own website, unlike Social Media that can change every few weeks and adversely affect your marketing efforts.  The one constant you have online is having your own website.

Episode 10 in our Seniors Online series explains about one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal.

The email Autoresponder is an amazingly powerful tool when used in your business marketing as it's the best way to keep in touch with potential customers and build a relationship with them.

There are video courses available to accompany these podcast episodes from 'Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle'.

Please visit my video-course website to join the email marketing course ... it's free but you just need to register.

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