Kindly Forcing Viewers to Click

Make your VIDEO interactive, not just the post you put next to it.

Live-Link article

Posting to Social Media is all well and good but it takes valuable time and effort in order to post something different each time and so, when you get no interaction from your posts, it can be disheartening as well as frustrating, to say the least.

Many have started using short video promos on platforms like Facebook and Twitter and, although the interaction and response rate does improve, there is still something lacking.

I have found that having live links built into your video makes all the difference.

How many times do you hear the person in the video asking you to 'Click the button below this video' etc. and there isn't one? This is normally because the video post gets Shared and copied around the Internet and, of course, the button they are referring to doesn't get attached to their video. This can lose a business a high number of potential click-throughs.

The answer is to introduce live links to your videos. These are buttons that appear INSIDE the video itself that can be clicked upon and where the user is then taken to the page or place online of your choice.

It can even be a live link that opens a signup dialogue box that can take the viewer's name and email address, for example.

Sending the viewer to a digital download is another great benefit.

Creating videos is now affordable to most businesses that, previously, thought the cost of producing such was out of their budget. However, over the past couple of years, this has all changed.

Videos are not only extremely affordable but they have an excellent ROI, they can fit into any existing business sales funnel, can be measured to see how well they are performing, audiences can be researched before your video is shown in front of them and, although video is a very competitive market, you can now make them interactive and ideal for Sharing online with clever tweaks … like adding live links.

Your live link doesn't have to be in the form of a button, it can be a bar that appears at any time on the video and displaying a countdown timer (creating urgency), a strong 'Call-To-Action' or any information useful to the viewer that, when clicked upon, takes them to the page or place of your choice.

This 'live-link' tweak really can enhance the response that your promo video receives when posting to Social Media or displaying on your website pages.

For more information, do contact me, Martyn Brown. I can show you that your online posts don't need to be boring, tedious or a waste of time. Enhancing the way you post and, especially, introducing live-link videos to the mix will make all the difference.