Introducing Power-Funnels

Beat Competition, hands down
Beat Competition, hands down

I can now confirm that I have tested some of our pilot sales funnels and that they are performing very well, right out of their respective launches.

Admittedly, they are to existing clients who already have an audience to send to the funnels but, even if this wasn’t the case, finding your target audience on Facebook and then sending them, via an Ad, to your new funnel is straightforward to achieve.

I’ve named the system, Marketing Bugle ‘Accelerated Sales Funnels’ as no other solution offers faster load times and, therefore, no other system performs so well.

For details, get in touch with me and I’ll explain how it can help your business online.

Of course, there is a fee to build and run the funnels, however, if you choose one of the 'Care Plans' available you can run your funnels AND any other aspect of your business marketing for a monthly fee.  This works out excellent value for money as you know that you're covered without the shock of sudden large invoices.  Win-Win, as they say.