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My client testimonials say it for me but, put simply, if you're in business and want to succeed online, I can show you how. Book for a telephone, Zoom or One to one consultation and let's talk

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Booking a complimentary consultation is well worth the time. I can find out exactly what you're looking to achieve for your online business presence and can advise on a positive way forward.

The consultation can be via the telephone, Zoom video conferencing or we can work on a one to one basis.

Marketing Bugle owner - Martyn Brown

What exactly can you do for my business?

I take on board businesses that may already be successful online but move them up to the next level.

Some businesses are already online but not doing as well as they feel their competitors are doing.

New businesses that are operating offline want to get started online at the quickest possible rate and where this is where I can help in a big way.

Larger businesses, like pub/restaurants, for example, run online promotions continuously all year round and rely on the unique Marketing Bugle customer loyalty programme that is run on their behalf. This keeps customers coming back, over and over again.

It doesn’t matter which niche you are involved in, we have a strategy and the specially developed software in place to get your message out to your target audience.

Naturally, we bulid Sales Funnels, Landing Pages and complete websites to go along with the marketing promotions.

Fastest Hosting from Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle

Do you host our websites or do you use third party web hosting?

We have over 100 websites on third party hosting, however, Marketing Bugle have launched their own web hosting service (in December 2016) which runs on SSD drives, rather than conventinal hard disk drives. This means fast running websites that we are fully in control of. We back up your entire website (not just the database ... watch out for that trap), update the security the second an update becomes available and manage our websites 24/7.

Usually, from ordinary web hosting companies, your site is Shared-Hosting which puts your site on a server with 100s or even 1000s of other people's sites. This is bad for SEO, your IP address is Shared by them all, your site can be affected by other site's usage and malware attacks and a number of other negative attributes.

Marketing Bugle run the most secure and fastest hosting available exclusively for their own personal clients.

Can you advertise our services online on our behalf?

Marketing Bugle specialise in Social Media marketing, especially Facebook Ads. We also produce whiteboard video scribe promo videos as and when needed.

We build complete Sales Funnels that are very successful as they use our bespoke specialist software designed exclusively for our use.

We can advertise on your behalf - Marketing Bugle
Care-Plans from Marketing Bugle represent excellent value for money each month

How do your monthly Care-Plans work for my business?

Rather than paying out for each and every service you require, I introduced fixed monthly Care-Plans based on your overall requirements. This works best for everyone and where there are no 'shock invoices'.

The secret is to be consistent online, month in, month out and this is how we acheive this in an affordable way for your business.