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Joining us this time is a former fighter pilot who has since become a high flyer in helping everyday people to make more money, become more persuasive, and to enjoy what they do. It's my pleasure this time to welcome five-time number one bestselling author, and internationally recognised speaker, Ed Rush. Ed, welcome to the show. We start with a very short article and then the full interview.

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Joining us this time is a former fighter pilot who has since become a high flyer, helping everyday people to make more money, become more persuasive and to enjoy what they do. It's my pleasure this time to welcome five time number one bestselling author, an internationally recognized speaker at Rush Ed, welcome to the show.

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Yeah, it's great to be here. Thank you for your time. I am just absolutely enjoying the opportunity to talk about how people can grow their brand.

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Have more fun, cover the world, change the world, share their message and still make it home for dinner.

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That's great. Well, it's we're going to touch on many of those things as we as we head through the next few minutes or so. You were a fighter pilot. That's that's going to be a stressful job.

[00:00:49.110] - Ed Rush
Well, being a fighter pilot was both stressful and as you can imagine, insanely fun. I was a fighter pilot for 13 years in the Marine Corps. I flew F Eighteens on an off aircraft carriers on and into combat. And the I'd say the most interesting part about that, as I'm a person that failed to kindergarten, so it wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I really learned early on that to be successful at anything, I needed to be able to follow successful people.

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And that led me not only to graduate from kindergarten, but I ended up graduating from college and made my way into the Marine Corps. At one point in my time there, I was the number one instructor in the Marine Corps for one against one dog fighting. And all this from the kid that failed the kindergarten.

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Wow! So I suppose my burning question is, is it just like it is in Top Gun?

[00:01:40.940] - Ed Rush
It's literally exactly like that, down to the presence of Tom Cruise in everyone's ready room at any moment's notice. Top Gun. I think did an interesting job. Cat capturing the spirit of a fighter pilot, the actual dog fighting scenes. I don't think we're all that accurate, to be honest, but. But, you know, I think the ACT average, actual real life fighter pilots might not be as cool as Maverick and Iceman.

[00:02:12.480] - Ed Rush
They tend to be more electric engineer types, actually, in real life. Right. But, you know, fundamentally, to fly an airplane is a very simple thing. I teach people how to fly and fight the F 18 and three simple sentences. And the three sentences go like this. If you push the stick forward, the House will get bigger. If you pull the stick back, the houses get smaller. And when you push the red button on the stick.

[00:02:36.360] - Ed Rush
All the houses go away. That's really all you need to know.

[00:02:39.540] - Editor
That's. I suppose as well. If you could teach someone how to fly a fighter plane that you can certainly teach people how to work on line, as it were.

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You know, out of the two things, I mean, you know, they're not connected. So how did you go from being a fighter pilot into the online space?

[00:02:59.160] - Ed Rush
Yeah. You know, so is back in 2005, 2006 and I was looking I was in the Marine Corps. I was looking at the possibility of being deployed overseas for about a year. It wasn't the same time that I had started. I have a family. I had a little five month old baby at home. And it was almost in that exact instant that I decided that that I didn't want my home life dominated by an empty chair at the dinner table.

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And so I decided, you know, try to find a way to make some money and and support my family. So I looked in the normal places a pilot looks, you know, at the airlines maybe flying for one of the big carriers. And I decided to go down that road and I started putting applications in with some of those companies when in the middle of a movie one night, my wife literally stopped the movie and looks at me and goes, Is that really what you want to do?

[00:03:42.850] - Ed Rush
And I think she knew me better than I knew myself at the time. Frankly, I would have gone crazy with that job. And and so what I did was I started learning and I started learning a little bit about marketing, especially online marketing, and I decided I was going to try it out. And so I created a little book. It was just this tiny little e-book. It was about how to become a fighter pilot. And truth be told, my goal for that book was I wanted to make enough money to buy a computer at the time, a computer was gonna be two to twenty five hundred dollars.

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And so I put this little book online. And lo and behold, I woke up the next morning and I had a sale at the time. That book was fourteen dollars and fifty cents. It was discounted down from a whopping twenty four dollars. And I had a sale for this kid who had got my book the night before, read it through page to page and sent me an e-mail the next day and said, Dude, thank you so much for putting this together.

[00:04:34.830] - Ed Rush
It literally changed my life. Now the rest of that story is that kid ended up going on into the Air Force and actually becoming a pilot, which is which is truly an amazing part of that very first purchase that I ever had. And sure enough, that little tiny business teaching people how to become fighter pilots turned into about a fifteen thousand dollar a month business at one point back in the late 2000s. 2008, 2009. So needless to say, I got my computer.

[00:05:00.660] - Ed Rush
And I got a lot more after that. And so I simply replicated that process, I started another little business, this time with my dad. My dad is a famous basketball referee and he referee with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. And we created a course for basketball referees. That was my second online course. And I used all the same principles that I had learned before. Getting leads. Converting leads, following up, you know, good e-mail sequences.

[00:05:29.290] - Ed Rush
And sure enough, that little business turned into about a quarter million dollar a year business, which is still in existence today. I sold that first fighter pilot business. But that second business, the referee business, is still rocking and rolling. Today, we still have over 700 members on a 30 dollars a month membership club. And really that was my first foray into marketing. Both of those products.

[00:05:53.140] - Editor
Wow. So, I mean, almost success straight out of the gate, which cheese, which is impressive in itself. And also, I'm still kind of wondering what kind of computer did you buy? You wanted it. You wanted to own it. Two and a half thousand dollars. And instead you got 15 thousand dollars a month. I mean, that's you must have the biggest computer in the world.

[00:06:10.000] - Ed Rush
Actually, I ended up buying. So the computer is still sitting here. I don't know why it's sitting in my office, but it's this gigantic Dell Tower that's never hasn't been used in the last eight years. But, you know, it's interesting. So you said success right out the box. And really that first business, that first business. I am so thankful that it was successful the way that it was. I definitely had help. I mean, I, I have to tell you, I bought every single information marketing training product I could get my hands on.

[00:06:39.550] - Ed Rush
I learned from Dan Kennedy and I learned from Perry Marshall, who is really one of my key mentors back in 2007, 2008, to teach me how to use Google AdWords and landing pages. And I learned from everyone that I could I spent I mean, I bought the computer, but I probably spent that first year's worth of fifteen thousand dollars a month on training courses and masterminds and products. And I truly accelerated my learning curve. I think I probably crammed about 10 years of learning and development into about ten months.

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And I definitely had some failures along the way. You know, I mean, a lot of the time is when we tell the stories, we remember the high points. But boy, they were probably another five businesses that I tried and failed. Along the way, which brings me to one of my favorite success tips. In fact, I learned this from Perry Marshall back in the day. The success tip is fail fast. Next. And I was a fail fast

[00:07:37.270] - Ed Rush
next kind of guy. And so I really zigzagged to success. But, yeah, I did it fairly quickly. And it was a blast just learning all that stuff. And sure enough, literally within years I'm standing up on stage is teaching people the things that I'm doing online. That's how quickly it all happened. Wow.

[00:07:52.810] - Editor
I mean, it's it's an amazing story. And as you say, it started out really with just a desire to buy a computer. So you had that desire in mind that that end goal, if you like. And, you know, to put a book to get how long did it take you to put the book on how to be a fighter pilot together?

[00:08:09.240] - Ed Rush
I wrote it, so I took a two week trip to Japan. I was training some pilots over there at the time and I started it when I landed in Japan and I was done about two weeks later. So. So. So it just goes to show. I mean, I've written I fully have written like my last book, my fifth book. It's called Twenty One Day Miracle. I wrote that book. I went from idea to published to number one bestseller in 21 days.

[00:08:32.680] - Ed Rush
And I've sold literally almost 30000 copies of this book. So. So it's a it's a legitimate book. It's not some sort of rag that isn't edited. I mean, it's a good, good book. So my my point in telling you that is you be amazed at how fast you can get things done with some discipline and focus. And that really is a lot of what I teach to. The folks that I work with is like, you know, life short and now's a good time to roll up your sleeves and fled.

[00:09:00.340] - Ed Rush
I'll get it done.

[00:09:01.340] - Editor
And would you say that the discipline from being a fighter pilot from there, you know, if the career you had, if you like, before this, that gave you that discipline?

[00:09:11.020] - Ed Rush
I think I think the Marine Corps really was the place that I learned that I was a Marine before I became a fighter pilot. But and so the whole idea of, you know, if you're if you're five minutes early, you're already 10 minutes late was really the Marine Corps motto, more than even more than Semper Fi. And yeah, I learned I learned the discipline of just flat out getting things done. You know, I teach people, you know, everyone's while some people come to me and they'll ask, they'll still say, you know, I have a I have a challenge, Ed, with procrastination.

[00:09:47.730] - Ed Rush
And I will tell them there are two ways to solve your procrastination. And both of these are perfectly acceptable methods. But I would recommend one over the other.

[00:09:55.750] - Ed Rush
And method number one is to recognize. The problem with procrastination and to buy some books or some online courses to help you overcome your procrastination, and then you can get maybe like a daily planner to show you how to overcome procrastination, and then you can make your list of all the objectives you want to accomplish and then your sub list of all the action steps you're going to take and then put some dates next to those and some put some accountability in place.

[00:10:20.700] - Ed Rush
And that's that's the first way to overcome procrastination. And the second way to overcome procrastination is to literally just start the project that you want to work. I mean, literally, like start writing the book, start the podcast, start streaming online. I started doing events and and and and my approach to productivity even early on was ready fire. And man, I put I put things in practice and I started doing things before I even knew how to do them.

[00:10:52.740] - Ed Rush
And really, that's I mean, if I had probably the most important success tip that I could give people is, is you're you're never going to be ready. So you might as well just do it now. Make the phone call, get the sale, put the website up, write the book, create the course, you know, do the ads.

[00:11:11.010] - Editor
You're never going to know everything that you need to know. So you might as well just start it now because life's too short to wait.

[00:11:16.590] - Ed Rush
That's right. You're right. And the whole idea of just just learn on the job, as it were, you know, you don't need to know everything before you get started. Just get started and you'll you'll find out what you need to do and be able to move things along. And also, I love the fact that, as you said, that along the way you did encounter some of those setbacks, but that hasn't stopped you from continuing pushing forward.

[00:11:37.680] - Editor
And that's it. That's a real key learning point there in itself, isn't it?

[00:11:41.610] - Ed Rush
Yeah, I would say if I had to go back, statistically speaking, my best guess is I've had probably 19 failures for every single success. And I mean that on the micro level and also on the macro level, I, I mean, I've I've created a lot of videos. I've written five books. I've created more products than I have, fingers and toes to count. I've spoken on more stages and tried to do more things. And I can just tell you that business is fraught with peril.

[00:12:15.210] - Ed Rush
So if you're not willing to get out there and get your nose into the grindstone and deal with a little bit of the frustration or the discouragement, then, you know, business isn't for you. The truth is, as teachers, a lot of times we tell the stories about all of our successes because the truth is, period, people want. People want to learn from the things that you were successful at. But behind every great success that I know...

[00:12:41.490] - Ed Rush
Oh man. There's a long string of failures. And the cool thing about those failures is they really act like a missile on an FAA team. So, for example, in the FAA team, the airplane that I flew most predominantly when a missile comes off the airplane. Initially, that missile display straight for about 400 meters. There's a really good reason for that. The tracking systems usually don't even turn on until halfway through that first 400 meters. That's because, you know, we buy missiles here in the United States from the lowest bidder.

[00:13:06.840] - Ed Rush
And we want to be careful, you know, not to hit ourselves, I guess. But but after that, the missile turns on its tracking system. And every single missile that flies off an airplane, no matter how how technologically robust that missile is, every single missile initially takes some pretty wild turns on its way to the target. And what you'll see if you fall a full missile trajectory, especially, for example, like an AIM nine, which is a Sidewinder missile.

[00:13:32.970] - Ed Rush
I mean, it's named the Sidewinder missile because it's constantly making these corrections and the big corrections happen far away in a small crash. Corrections happen in close. And what you see is a missile that's constantly adjusting left and right, left and right, up and down. That's because the two things. Number one, the missiles some most of the time is always off course. But the second thing is the airplane that it's targeting is always moving, you know.

[00:13:58.000] - Ed Rush
And so in business, especially if you're marketing online, the first thing is your your targeting is never perfect. And so you're always adjusting. You know, you're always adjusting your message to your market. But the other truthful reality about the thing is the market's always changing, always changing. I mean, we're recording this right in the middle of this corona virus scare in in the world. We're in our second week here in the United States of what people are calling lockdown.

[00:14:31.770] - Ed Rush
And I'm here to tell you, the world has completely changed in two weeks. And so if you're not adjusting to this, I mean, I guess I'm getting marketing messages from companies and I'm seeing Facebook posts and Instagram posts and Twitter posts from companies that are still rolling out their old stuff that worked a month ago. Nobody is paying attention to that stuff. I mean, it's a completely different world that we're operating in. And so just like a missile, you're always, always adjusting.

[00:14:56.730] - Ed Rush
And the fun part about business and entrepreneurship. Life is. Right about the time you have it all figured out, life changes and you get to figure it out all over again. And then as long as you look at it as some big fun game, you're going to have a blast. You're going to make a lot of money. And you're going to have a lot of people. Yes, good.

[00:15:13.650] - Editor
Good advice. I mean, now you've mentioned, you know, your books that you've written. And you mentioned the 21 day miracle that you wrote in 21 days. I mean, this does what it says on the on the cover, I guess, in that respect. Which of the books have you written? And can you tell us a little bit about the process behind those as well?

[00:15:31.710] - Ed Rush
Yeah, I mean, this book, the last one that I just mentioned, 21 Day Miracle, really is my pride and joy. That's the book that I always send people to go to initially, because it really is the best of what I've got in terms of the of my books. And my process is really simple. I create what while I'm in motion. So I do a lot better in motion than I do in meditation. And so with this particular book, I had an idea, a concept to what I was going to create.

[00:15:59.040] - Ed Rush
I give myself a time window that I was gonna do it and I just sat down and flat out did it to write a book this big. It's a little over two hundred pages and let's see, two hundred. You actually open them up and just see the number of pages just shy of 200 pages. And to write a book like this was about sixty thousand words. I sat down and literally wrote about seven to eight thousand words a day. That's about 9:00 in the morning for me until about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon.

[00:16:26.280] - Ed Rush
I type like a chicken on amphetamines, so I'm not a great typer, but I do know how to operate in a distraction free environment. And I'll tell you that anyone who's ever written anything knows that the first few pages of what you write is mere meaningless drivel. I mean, your mind needs to really kind of kick start to get into content creation mode. But I'll tell you, as you start to write, Chapter two gets better and Chapter three gets better in Chapter four is just amazing in chapter five.

[00:16:56.840] - Ed Rush
You know, is Nirvana. And then you start to go back and change the introduction and chapter one and chapter two in the creative process, really, like I said, is done more through emotion than it is through meditation. And that's true for writing articles or doing videos or creating a product, which is why my first thing is to just get up and do it. And then we launched it. It became a number one bestseller on Amazon in its category, which frankly isn't that hard.

[00:17:20.430] - Ed Rush
And then within about a month and a half of the launch, it was Amazon's number one business book that was beating Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin, which was a beautiful moment. There were over a thousand book sales in a single day, and we're up to nearly thirty thousand sales of this book overall. And it's just a testament to, you know, when you get into the into motion and you get a product out there, the market can take over and give you some success.

[00:17:50.130] - Ed Rush
I mean, this book didn't really market this book. I mean, I'm a marketing guy. You know, I'm a promotional guy. I like running ads. I didn't really do anything with this book. I think I sent one email to my list. I'm not even exaggerating in this book. Just took off on its own on Amazon. So I'm actually in the process of working on my sixth book, which I'll get to. And hopefully that'll do better than even this one.

[00:18:14.280] - Editor
That's great. I mean, the other books that you've written, these can be timeline on, you know, when you when you read your first book.

[00:18:22.020] - Editor
And the success that it achieved and so on.

[00:18:25.500] - Ed Rush
My first book was called Take the Shot. I wrote that nothing more than a series of articles. I had written about six or seven articles that I'd put online. I'd put them all into a book edited and printed. That was back in 2008. That was back when if you wanted to publish a book, you had to buy about three thousand or more of your own books. So I still literally have books in my office from that very first book.

[00:18:49.830] - Ed Rush
My second book. So I have some of these some of these little books, by the way, are fairly schizophrenic. My second book, I wrote a book with my canings on and on consulting. My third book was a book for attorneys. I launched a information marketing business back in 2012 that was designed solely for attorneys. So I wrote a book which is out of print now called How to Turn Clicks into Clients. That was my first. That was really when I first understood the power of a book.

[00:19:24.840] - Ed Rush
The short narrative on this was, you know, my partners and I were trying to get in to speak at bar associations and we were getting knows we were getting making phone calls but getting knows. And we wrote this book and we changed our outbound calling script to what I'm going to do right now. It sounds like this. Hi, my name is Ed Rush. I'm the number one bestselling author of the book, How to Turn Clicks into Clients.

[00:19:46.350] - Ed Rush
We're on a speaking tour or sorry, we're on a book tour as a part of our book tour. Run a speaking tour and we're wondering if you wanted us to come in and speak. And we went from having one talk in a single year in 2011 to forty eight Bar Association. Talks literally almost one every week in two thousand and twelve simply because of a book. So that book was my foray into credibility, which was really cool. And then and then right after that, I wrote a book called Warrior that actually is a Christian book.

[00:20:18.090] - Ed Rush
It was written for men. It's called Warrior. Understanding the Furious Love of the God Who Fights for You. And then my last book, of course, with this business book. Twenty One Day Miracle, which shows people how to get more done in less time with less waste, allowing them the freedom to enjoy their life and themselves.

[00:20:36.980] - Editor
And would you say that by having the book that it's it's really opened up new avenues for you to explore?

[00:20:45.730] - Ed Rush
Yeah. I mean, there's nothing like a book as a business card. There's nothing like a book as a promotional tool. And there's really nothing like a book to draw the right kind of clientele to you. I mean, my my best client and about 70 percent of my my business. Now, by the way, 70 percent of my revenue is in advising and consulting at a very high level. And I'm talking about twenty five to eighty thousand dollar range for for the consulting work that I do.

[00:21:16.730] - Ed Rush
My best clients start at about a half a million dollars a year businesses and go up to about 20, 30 to 40 million dollars a year. So. So it's important for me to attract the right people. You know, if I'm if I'm attracting, you know, like a bunch of kids from college or something like that. Well, you know, maybe you have a big following online. And my Twitter feed will be full, but I'm not going to get the kind of business that I want on the back end.

[00:21:42.420] - Ed Rush
So. So targeting is really important to me. So I write nowadays. I write books and create content for the target market that I'm looking to work with.

[00:21:50.120] - Editor
How do you define the success, would you say? Is it through the amount of sales or the revenue or the opportunity that it brings?

[00:21:59.090] - Ed Rush
Yeah, I think it's a combination. So first of all, I'm thrilled with the with the number of sales. Full disclosure, the revenue is meaningless to me. I mean, not don't don't get me wrong. I've made money on my books, but I priced them. I priced my books as low as I can. I mean, look, my e-book, my my digital version of my book is ninety nine cents. I think the paperback is like eight dollars.

[00:22:24.170] - Ed Rush
I'm not interested in the revenue stream from that. And I'll tell you why. Amazon has sent me a steady stream of charts and graphs to show me that if I raise the price of my book, we will both make a lot more money together. But every time I look at those graphs, as the price goes up, the number of people that buy my book goes down. And I'm interested in the lead from my book more than I'm interested in the revenue from my book.

[00:22:50.450] - Ed Rush
And this is a really important point. And it's one that, as you're listening or reading, you should take note of this book. Twenty five point seven percent of the people that buy my book opt into my email list. That that's not the number of people that hit the page. That's the number of people that buy the book. That's a really high number. And the reason they do is because the book is created and designed from the ground up to to encourage somebody to opt in on my email.

[00:23:21.500] - Ed Rush
So I've got at this point, I've got let's see what's the actual number? I think it's a seven thousand, seven, eight thousand people now a new people on my email list because of this book. And that's what I'm after. So the book sales are great because I like influencing people. The the revenue is pretty meaningless to me. The lead, though, is really important. And I've had people who showed up at my events, which is really where most of my revenues made it, my business.

[00:23:50.060] - Ed Rush
I've had people show up at my events simply because they went to Amazon. They were looking for books, they found my book, they read my book. They became a believer in the philosophies that I teach. And then they showed up at my event and they became clients. And so that's really if you ask me what I'm proudest of, I'm proudest of the lives that I've been able to influence and the people that I've been able to help through the book.

[00:24:10.090] - Editor
Yeah, it makes makes sense. It just goes to show as well that, you know, you don't need to be on YouTube, for example, to be an influence. So you can use something like Amazon as a way to influence an audience and get them to actually Opt-In and as you say, become, you know, passionate advocates of what you do, that they're coming to events to meet you of the package and 99 cent book that they found on, you know, clicking around on Amazon.

[00:24:36.200] - Editor
I mean, it's great that, you know, and that's that's a real learning point as well.

[00:24:41.250] - Editor
It's again, for a lot of people listening or reading that stephy something that you could take for would yourself. Now, you've worked as well over the years with many big name Internet marketers. How did that come about, Ed?

[00:24:57.350] - Ed Rush
So it's so first. Totally by accident. What? So what ended up happening was I got sick. When I got successful back in 2008, 2009, I started going to events and the person who was hosting the event, I knew, you know, a lot of these folks and they knew about the success that I was having online. And so they would bring me up and I would sit next to them on stage on a stool, and they would ask me about what I was doing online and the success that I was having.

[00:25:26.300] - Ed Rush
And I would tell the story. And then what would happen is I would I would go to the back of the room on the break and during the break, someone would come up to me and ask if they could pay me money to help them in their business. And I have a very simple philosophy. And it goes like this. If somebody wants to give you money, I let them. And so I started to I started to do at the time what I considered consulting.

[00:25:49.760] - Ed Rush
And then I ended up in some mastermind groups. I was in, for example, Bill Glazer's mastermind with some of the best and brightest Internet marketers on the planet. And I started telling the story about what I was able to do online. And I was working at the at that point back in 2009, 2010, I was I was making. Shoot. Twenty five thousand last twenty to twenty five thousand dollars a month on on about five hours a month.

[00:26:15.770] - Ed Rush
I mean, at this point, I had pretty much set things up on autopilot. I was trying to on some other ventures. And I had one of the guys pulled me aside who was if I mentioned the name, I mean, he was he was one of the biggest Internet marketers on the planet at that point. And he said, you know what? He goes, we're all working like 15 hours a day in this in this business. And it turns out that you created the thing that we're all talking about.

[00:26:38.630] - Ed Rush
But none of us have thought that was like such a cool and very brutally honest assessment of the average sort of Internet marketing guru, if you will. You know, working their butt off to teach people how to not work. And anyway, so at that point, I actually started having some of these guys, some of the best and the brightest in the marketing world, bring me in like literally through the back door to try to help them grow their business, to be more influential, to take more time off, to create their business into an actual business instead of a job.

[00:27:18.470] - Ed Rush
And man, I've been able to work with. I mean, some of the people I can mention that I've been able to work with and help Brian trace me. Tracy brought me into work with him twice. Brian is an incredible speaker, as you know. And I was able to work with him. John Assaraf was from the secret have been able to help John with some of his online promotions. Mike, Canings who you might be familiar with, creator of traffic guys are making.

[00:27:42.560] - Ed Rush
I work for about five straight years together, launching shoot. I run out of fingers and toes to count the number of launches we did. I think we had seven seven figure launches that we did together during the time that we were we were working together. So you have been blessed to really work with some of the best and the brightest in the business and to be behind the scenes in their business and to help them and to grow and to see their audiences grow.

[00:28:06.400] - Ed Rush
And it's been a blast.

[00:28:07.850] - Editor
I can imagine I it sounds like you and enjoy the process as well. Yeah. That comes through loud and clear. I mean, what advice would you give to someone who perhaps aside that they're thinking of starting or who has started an online business? What advice would you give to them in order to grow that business or in fact, just start a business?

[00:28:30.560] - Ed Rush
Yeah, I mean, the first thing I would say, I just a couple of thoughts in no particular order. I mean, the first thing I would say is it's all about the problem that you solve. I get approached by business owners all the time who want me to help them in their business. And I ask the same question usually first or second question that they ask, which is what's the big problem that you solve? And I can tell you how successful someone is going to be by the next to thing that comes out of their mouth.

[00:28:55.010] - Ed Rush
90 percent of business owners. The moment I ask them the problem that they solve, they start talking about themselves, which is precisely not the answer. By the way, 10 percent say here's the problem and here's how we solve it. And that's that's fundamentally marketing is solving solving problems. The second thing, especially when it comes to the online, to online marketing and especially when it comes to information products, is the information marketing world is is drastically different than it was 10 years ago.

[00:29:25.070] - Ed Rush
I mean, 10 years ago, let's say you had a product to teach people how to build a a tiered terrorists garden in their backyard. Well, you could write an e-book, put it up online, buy some Google ads and sell your tiered terrorist garden e-book for ninety seven dollars all day long on online nowadays. There's so much free information on building a tiered terrace garden out on a wide decide the matter as an example. There's so much information online that you're competing with free, which in certain markets, frankly, is impossible.

[00:29:59.530] - Ed Rush
And so experiences become important. Unique selling propositions become even more important. Some information marketing niches and businesses have frankly gone away. My my first business, my how to be a fighter pilot. Businesses, for the most part, largely gone away. I sold the business five years ago. And because the Internet's changed. And so. So you need to be offering people true transformation. It's oftentimes needs to be attached to a a real person and a real personality combined with a community ideally and with a with a very unique user experience.

[00:30:34.430] - Ed Rush
And I think that's what's working right now.

[00:30:36.340] - Editor
Yeah. Well, what's next for you and what are you planning to do next? Give me right now.

[00:30:42.010] - Ed Rush
I've been two weeks into launching an online show. It's a stream's daily right now because of this current coronavirus that we're seeing. And so I'm working on that and I'm working on building the processes behind that. So a Daily Show which turns into five clips, that turns into social media posts, that turns into ongoing promotions. My goal is to see if we can add another 100000 thousand followers and another ten thousand names to our e-mail list. During this, I have two events per year.

[00:31:16.960] - Ed Rush
My next event is called The Ultimate Speaker. I show speakers how to show business owners how to become keynote speakers if they want to get paid for their message and also how to use speaking to grow your business or your brand. I have a lot of doctors and lawyers and professional folks that come to me. I help them grow their back into their business through speaking. And then my next event after that, I believe, will be an event for advisors and consultants or people who want to get paid for their time and their expertise, which I think is literally the fastest way to make ten thousand dollars a month.

[00:31:49.990] - Ed Rush
And if you want to make money fast, I was told one of the fastest ways to do it is to use your knowledge to help someone else get what they want. And so that's ahead for me and then down the road. My big mission and vision in life is to completely change the way we lead as a country. Here in the United States. So my goal is to raise up 400 new leaders that aren't Republicans or Democrats. This is 100 percent non-partisan movement.

[00:32:17.050] - Ed Rush
I think that the best answers we have as a country come from entrepreneurs and innovators. And I'd love to raise up entrepreneurs who want to lead our country because the truth is across the board and across the world, we're not being led very well. Are international and national leaders, I think, have failed us in a lot of ways. And I think it's time for a new generation of leaders to step up.

[00:32:39.720] - Editor
Amen to that, definitely. Ed,how can we find out more about you? Where can we find you online? If anybody wants to find out more and maybe even sign up for the ultimate speaker or for the consultant and advisor course. How do we do that?

[00:32:54.850] - Ed Rush
Yeah, I mean, the best the best first place to go is a Web site, which will be the easiest Web site you ever remember. It's Ed Rush book, dot com. It's my name. Plus the word book. When you get there, you're going to get a link to my 99 cent digital book. Twenty one day miracle. But you're also get a whole Web site, a whole membership Web site that I'm gifting to your subscribers totally for free that has a whole host of trainings on how to get more done in less time with less waste and to really enjoy your life.

[00:33:29.740] - Ed Rush
So that's Ed Rush book dot com. Everything else on me is read on my website, which is at Rush dot com. That's E-D-R-U-S-H Dot com. That's where all my products. All my events. That's where all the information is about this current show that I've got links to my social media and everything. So come over there and say hello. And then when you opt in, make sure you Semien email and tell me who you are and where you're from and what you do.

[00:33:58.330] - Ed Rush
I actually read my actual emails and actually respond to them. So I love just hearing from folks who are out there in the trenches trying to make things happen and trying to change the world and perhaps we can connect that way. Sounds good.

[00:34:11.020] - Editor
And one final question from from me it is. You mentioned earlier that when you were stepping down from being an F 18, is that the right phrase, the F 18 fighter pilot? ... That you spoke with your wife about what you were gonna do next? Was she worried or was she delighted at your plan?

[00:34:30.850] - Ed Rush
So that's great. It's a really, really great way to wrap up our our time together. So let me just put it to you this way. Being an entrepreneurs wife is can be truly terrifying or I should say it this way. Being an entrepreneur spouse. Can be truly terrifying. And I have such respect and admiration for my wife, who is who who is who has been on this roller coaster with me up and down for the last 14 years.

[00:34:59.480] - Ed Rush
I will tell you that it has worked out great for both of us, but we've certainly learned a lot about each other. And I can tell you one thing. She was right about that flying thing. I'm glad that I did what I did. I'm blessed every single day to inspire people to really, really pursue greatness in their lives and in their callings. And, yeah, puts a big smile on my face and it puts a big smile on her face, too.

[00:35:24.670] - Ed Rush
So we're we're really, truly blessed.

[00:35:27.320] - Editor
Well, it's a wonderful way to wrap things up. A big shout out to Mrs. Rush, of course, for everything I support. And Ed, it's been an absolute pleasure chatting with you. Thanks again so much for your time.

[00:35:38.890] - Ed Rush
Thank you. And to everyone in your community, I'd just say they'll get a man ready. Fire aim. Let's go change the world.