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Front Cover Digital Bugle Issue 46
Front Cover Digital Bugle Issue 46
Content From Issue 46 of Digital Bugle


7 Tools You Probably Haven't Hear Of

News Flash: Your social media tools
aren't getting the job done. You might
think you have the latest and greatest
- and maybe your social media game
is on point. But that said. I'm willing to
bet that there are a few great tools that you haven't heard about.
Using them can help you take your social media marketing
campaigns to a new level.


Is Your Website Optimised For Success?

I'm sure you already know about
Search Engine Optimization, but a lot
of local businesses are. quite simply,
not getting the job done. They're
focusing on outdated SEO methods,
or else they've designed their own website and missed out
on some key opportunities to improve their Google rank. That
stops now. In this post. I’ll walk you through the must-have
optimization techniques that will help your website get the lion's
share of traffic for your keywords.


10 Killer Local Marketing Ideas To Try

Local marketing is a must and it has
a lot of moving parts. You’ve got to
think about SEO, content marketing,
social media and PPC ads - it's a lot for
anybody to handle. The real key to ef-
fective local marketing is knowing what ideas are worth pursuing
and which ones aren’t. Here are 10 killer local marketing ideas
that can have a serious impact on your profits.


Your Facebook Marketing Is Missing The Boat With Gen X, Millenials and Gen Z

You might be a Facebook marketing
whiz. You've got targeting down, you
create compelling posts to share with
your followers, and you can curate con-
tent like nobody's business. But guess
what ? If you're not tailoring your content to the generation of your au-
dience, you're missing the boat. Wondering why? It's because Gener-
ation X. Millennial, and Gen Z use Facebook in different ways. And
that means you've got to know your audience and then customize
your approach to ensure that you’re reaching them.