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Clubhouse Latest Updates

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Clubhouse Training

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6 Money Making Ideas

  1. Create a curation site with a lot of Clubhouse articles, videos, tips and tricks and monetize it with ads or Clubhouse stuff.
  2. Create a FB Page or Group, call in as many people as you can and share articles, videos and curiosities to keep the followers engaged and promote Clubhouse products.
  3. Create a step by step training guide and sell it as a course, course with PLR rights or Kindle ebook, or on your site / FB page or Group.
  4. Create a step by step guide for shops around the globe searching for online information.
  5. Create an eCommerce shop with Clubhouse products from Amazon/AliExpress/Etsy and add Clubhouse contents to it to drive traffic.
  6. Create a video channel on Youtube with trainings, how to's and monetized videos.

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