Social Media Trends, Choosing Your Budget + More

The Bugle - Issue 89

Choosing an Effective Marketing Budget In order for any business to thrive, you need customers. But customers don’t magically flock to your business just because your open sign is lit up. You need to reach the people that are interested in what you offer… And marketing is how you accomplish that. Every business must decide…

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FUNancial Freedom and The ReThink Academy Creator, Paul O’Mahony

audio-interview Paul O'Mahony

Martyn Brown’s Marketing Bugle Podcast – Episode 58 Transcript of audio interview with Martyn Brown and Paul O’Mahony Editor: I’m excited today because this time around, we’re chatting with a best selling author and speaker. He’s also the founder of FUNancial Freedom and The ReThink Academy, two groundbreaking initiatives that have seen in feature in…

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Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet

The Bugle - Issue 85

Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet Article from The Bugle – Issue 85 The online world is full of competition that can drown out your marketing campaigns with nothing more than a strategically placed cute cat meme. To ensure your messaging rises above the rest, you need to integrate every single technique and customer…

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Charles T. Harper Creator of The PLR Show

Audio Interval Charles T. Harper - Episode 55

This episode I am chatting with a former commercial banker, who decided to leave the corporate world behind to become a full-time internet entrepreneur. In 2015, he started a company which has become something of a calling card in its own right. And ever since, The PLR Show has created rebrandable marketing training and technical…

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Complimentary Issue | Digital Bugle (pdf)

Issue 82 - Digital Bugle

Here is your free issue of Digital Bugle which includes one of our top marketing podcasts within. You can subscribe to get even more issues delivered to your email inbox. If you haven’t subscribed above, you can do so by clicking the button below to gain your complimentary subscription. Please fill in the quick-form and…

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Ireland’s Most Respected Marketer – Anthony McCarthy

issue125-audio-interview Anthony McCarthy

Anthony McCarthy is of Ireland’s most respected marketers. Anthony has over three decades of sales and marketing experience and has a no-nonsense approach to using the Internet. For the last decade, he has been marketing online full-time. And in that time, he has been in demand to speak globally, has become an Amazon Best Seller,…

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Tom Beal – The Mentor’s Mentor

Issue123-audio-interview Tom Beal

I’m excited this time around because we’re chatting with a guy who really has made a name for himself in the world of online marketing. He’s worked alongside some of the industry heavyweights over the years, and these days he’s known as the mentor’s mentor. This is our fun and informative conversation.  Source: Marketing Bugle…

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Laura Casselman CEO JVZoo

Laura Casselman CEO JVZoo

Click ‘Play’ Below To Listen To Podcast feat. Laura Casselman from JVZoo Transcription – Laura Casselman Interview Editor:                                   This time, we’re going to be doing a deep dive with someone who heads up one of America’s fastest growing software as a service or SaaS companies. Laura Casselman is a name you may recognise, as she’s…

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Marketing Advice On Us – Every Month!

Digital Bugle 078 - Front Subscribe Free

Marketing Bugle is the leading small business marketing service in the online arena and has been for over 20 years. We help small businesses connect with more customers online. If you want to build your business, you need to market, it’s that simple. But you can lose thousands of pounds if you don’t know what…

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Business Blueprints, Advice, Guidance + A Podcast

114 Front Cover Digital Marketing Bugle

Start with a free copy of ‘The Bugle’ monthly marketing guide, then perhaps upgrade to the full ‘Digital Marketing Bugle’ PDF for a monthly insight into the latest online business news, blueprints, advice, guidance and even a downloadable Podcast interview with a top proven marketer. You’ll love reading up on all the latest strategies, topics…

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