Home-Made ‘Vinyl Impressions’Radio Shows Super-Success

Vinyl Impressions Music Radio Show

From a tiny studio in my home, I create one hour long pop music radio shows which I call The Vinyl Impressions. The Vinyl Impressions was an idea for a show that came from performing live radio shows back in the late 1990s and early 2000s and where I made the programmes available to hospital…

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Auto Sales Funnels & email Marketing

Auto Funnels from Marketing Bugle

I will soon be introducing sales funnels into client WordPress websites that require them. They are linked to a CRM (Customer Relations Manager system) that can be triggered  with any chosen interaction from the user. This results in more accurate, relationship building, emails going out based on the recipient’s actions throughout the funnel. ANY step…

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Client Portals Are Launched

Client Portals from Marketing Bugle

The new Marketing Bugle ‘Client-Portal’ is on the way! It beats email by keeping a project all together in one place instead of scattered all around the inbox. Now those log-in credentials that are lost on your computer somewhere can be found neatly inside your very own portal at any time. Communication is now direct…

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Ireland’s Most Respected Marketer – Anthony McCarthy

issue125-audio-interview Anthony McCarthy

Anthony McCarthy is of Ireland’s most respected marketers. Anthony has over three decades of sales and marketing experience and has a no-nonsense approach to using the Internet. For the last decade, he has been marketing online full-time. And in that time, he has been in demand to speak globally, has become an Amazon Best Seller,…

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Omar Martin Tells About How Events Of September 11th, 2001 Changed His Life

Omar Martin Interview 2021

Transcript of Interview with Omar Martin Editor:                                   If you’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to make a huge career change in order to make it big in online marketing, then you are going to love this. Omar Martin has an amazing story to tell, about how the events of September 11th, 2001 made him reassess…

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Clubhouse Cheatsheet

All The Information About Clubhouse Ready For You! This cheatsheet is a time saver which allows you to more effectively research Clubhouse so that you can become an expert. Latest Clubhouse News On Social Media & News Google News | Bing News | Yahoo News Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Reddit LinkedIn | Pinterest | Tumblr New York Times | Huffington Post | USA Today | L.A. Times Interesting Information On Clubhouse Google | Bing | Yahoo | BuzzSumo Latest…

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Business Blueprints, Advice, Guidance + A Podcast

114 Front Cover Digital Marketing Bugle

Start with a free copy of ‘The Bugle’ monthly marketing guide, then perhaps upgrade to the full ‘Digital Marketing Bugle’ PDF for a monthly insight into the latest online business news, blueprints, advice, guidance and even a downloadable Podcast interview with a top proven marketer. You’ll love reading up on all the latest strategies, topics…

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Digital Bugle [COVID-19] Special Edition

Hot on the heels of issue 65 I bring you this special edition which needs to reach you sooner, rather than later. I hope it helps you during the worldwide pandemic and that your business will benefit for now and years to come. https://marketingbugle.co.uk to subscribe for free! In This Issue: Page 03: Keeping your…

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