Client Portals Are Launched

The new Marketing Bugle ‘Client-Portal’ is on the way!

It beats email by keeping a project all together in one place instead of scattered all around the inbox.

Now those log-in credentials that are lost on your computer somewhere can be found neatly inside your very own portal at any time.

Communication is now direct and instant, no more wondering if a message is received or viewed.

Files can now be uploaded/downloaded directly from your Client Portal.

Where were we with that project? One-click can view exactly what’s been done, what is being worked on and what’s to do.

Need to plan a meeting? Use the inbuilt calendar, of course.

Your Client Portal is ideal for:







And it’s been designed to be easy to use with no complex coding or learning curve.

Existing clients; look out for your login credentials coming your way ready for launch time!