Jeremy Gislason | Online Marketer’s Friend

audio-interview Jeremy Gislason

This time, we’re chatting with someone who’s made and continues to make a real impact in the world of online marketing. He’s one half of the duo behind Promote Labs, who have developed products such as ProductDyno Feedback Fox and Post Gopher, alongside hundreds, if not thousands, of other information products and websites and so…

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Wayne Crowe Invests £25, Now Look

Wayne Crowe - Podcast w Martyn Brown

This time we’re talking with a U.K. based online marketing expert, Wayne Crowe. Wayne started his business around about 18 years ago from his bedroom, with just a £25 investment, and has now carried that through to making more than £150,000 per month. He’s also the mastermind behind courses such as Traffic Domination, 30 Day…

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Social Media Trends, Choosing Your Budget + More

The Bugle - Issue 89

Choosing an Effective Marketing Budget In order for any business to thrive, you need customers. But customers don’t magically flock to your business just because your open sign is lit up. You need to reach the people that are interested in what you offer… And marketing is how you accomplish that. Every business must decide…

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FUNancial Freedom and The ReThink Academy Creator, Paul O’Mahony

audio-interview Paul O'Mahony

Martyn Brown’s Marketing Bugle Podcast – Episode 58 Transcript of audio interview with Martyn Brown and Paul O’Mahony Editor: I’m excited today because this time around, we’re chatting with a best selling author and speaker. He’s also the founder of FUNancial Freedom and The ReThink Academy, two groundbreaking initiatives that have seen in feature in…

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From Walmart and Blockbuster Attendant To Millionaire

Martyn Brown's Marketing Bugle Podcast feat. Kelly Cole

Mr. Kelly Cole is a two times number one best selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He went from working at Walmart and Blockbuster to owning one of the fastest-growing book publishing companies in the US. Martyn Brown chats to the man known as ‘The Publisher’ Kelly Cole Interview – Transcript Below Editor:I’m really pleased today…

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Home-Made ‘Vinyl Impressions’Radio Shows Super-Success

Vinyl Impressions Music Radio Show

From a tiny studio in my home, I create one hour long pop music radio shows which I call The Vinyl Impressions. The Vinyl Impressions was an idea for a show that came from performing live radio shows back in the late 1990s and early 2000s and where I made the programmes available to hospital…

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Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet

The Bugle - Issue 85

Why Your Business Needs a Lead Magnet Article from The Bugle – Issue 85 The online world is full of competition that can drown out your marketing campaigns with nothing more than a strategically placed cute cat meme. To ensure your messaging rises above the rest, you need to integrate every single technique and customer…

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Bouncing Back From A Sales Slump

Bounce Back from Sales Slump

Bad news… There really is no way to avoid a future sales slump. Whether you run a seasonal lobster shack off the coast of Maine or a year-round surf & turf restaurant in Hawaii, you are bound to experience a short period when your bottom line fluctuates.     Sales slumps can happen because of new…

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Auto Sales Funnels & email Marketing

Auto Funnels from Marketing Bugle

I will soon be introducing sales funnels into client WordPress websites that require them. They are linked to a CRM (Customer Relations Manager system) that can be triggered  with any chosen interaction from the user. This results in more accurate, relationship building, emails going out based on the recipient’s actions throughout the funnel. ANY step…

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Client Portals Are Launched

Client Portals from Marketing Bugle

The new Marketing Bugle ‘Client-Portal’ is on the way! It beats email by keeping a project all together in one place instead of scattered all around the inbox. Now those log-in credentials that are lost on your computer somewhere can be found neatly inside your very own portal at any time. Communication is now direct…

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