Auto Sales Funnels & email Marketing

I will soon be introducing sales funnels into client WordPress websites that require them.

They are linked to a CRM (Customer Relations Manager system) that can be triggered  with any chosen interaction from the user.

This results in more accurate, relationship building, emails going out based on the recipient’s actions throughout the funnel.

ANY step can be focused on in order to put the user on the correct mailing list.

Intelligent interactions can ensure you capture the fully qualified lead.  For example, if they say ‘yes’ to something, they can go a different route than if they said ‘no’.

The sales funnel software is integrated with a WordPress CRM system and where they work flawlessly together.

Auto Funnels from Marketing Bugle

CTA (Call To Action) Triggers:

Order Bump Accepted

Order Bump Not Accepted

Upsell Accepted

Upsell Rejected

Downsell Accepted

Downsell Rejected

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Complete System Integrated With Popular Online Marketing Tools:

Drag-and-drop funnel canvas     

Conversion optimized templates              

Order bumps    

One-click upsells and downsells

Checkout field editor     

Conditional steps            

Elementor and Gutenberg support         

Custom checkout page 

Detailed analytics            

Stripe and PayPal integration     

Google Tag Manager custom events       

Facebook pixel custom events   

Fluent-CRM integration

Lead generation and opt-in funnel

Sales Funnel Example:

Add all of your services to WooCommerce plugin.

Set up the sales funnel using my specialist software and add in any product to this funnel.

Make original offer.

Add upsell

Add downsell

Add ‘Order Bump’


Set ‘trigger’ points so add-on CRM software can place them onto correct and appropriate email list.

Payment gateway can be added (currently Stripe of Paypal).

All coming early in the new year!

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